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Smarter, healthier buildings

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Optimizing for EBITDA, NOI, ESG initiatives, and Digital Experience.

We architect and deliver solutions that pay for themselves financially while improving the tenant experience & building performance.

Energy & Environmentals

Building Performance Software

Building Management Systems (BMS) and commercial HVAC systems provide tons of data, but it’s hard to make it digestible and actionable.

  • Transform data into decisions so you can balance comfort, energy efficiency & savings, and maintenance initiatives.
  • Bring multiple buildings, systems, and data streams into one seamless dashboard to understand your portfolio at a glance.
  • Clear reporting and fault detection severity maximize the facility team’s efficiency and keeps everyone on the same page.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Whether it’s patients, tenants, residents, or guests, there is an easy way to protect their health with the confidence of empirical data.

  • Selectable standards for each measurement, including EPA, OSHA, and ASHRAE.
  • Get real-time alerts via text and email to notify you of any maintenance and air quality issues.
  • Custom branding to your company or property conveys caring and the luxury of peace of mind.
  • Solutions for various applications, including hospitals, commercial real estate, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail stores, and industrial facilities.

Smart Property Services

Smart Building Automations

Simplify operations and gain efficiency by managing an entire portfolio of smart properties from one dashboard.

  • Access Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Parking Management
  • Secure building, campus, and community broadband
  • Become WiredScoreTM Certified

Smart Property Services

Managed Internet

The only national, white-glove, cutting edge service designed to deliver a significant net increase to the capped value, NOI, and EBITDA of your portfolio.

  • Generate revenue while delivering a state of the art solution that will exceed in performance what any of your tenants are receiving today
  • Solutions for apartments, condominiums, student housing, senior living, assisted living, and mixed use portfolios in any campus, garden, or vertical building arrangement.
  • Custom branding to your company or property delivers a seamless experience for guests and tenants.
  • Built in enterprise security provides the peace of mind that enables the delivery of “Wow!” experiences.

Consult, Design, Implement, Manage.

Our part is hard, your part is easy – we can do all of the heavy lifting that it takes to make your project successful.

You enjoy instantly improved business outcomes and delivering superior experiences. 

Energy & Environmentals

Patented artificial intelligence to meet environmental goals within ESG and better building performance while quickly achieving high ROI.

Indoor Air Quality

Real-time insights and artificial intelligence-powered recommendations to detect pollutants, unwanted smoking, and preventing virus & mold outbreaks. 

Smart Property Services

Smart property, operational solutions, and high-bandwidth digital experiences for commercial, multi-family, MHP, and multi-use campus environments nationally.

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